We know there are plenty of pedals to choose from these days: inexpensive vs expensive pedals, single purpose effects vs multi-effects, analog vs digital, boutique vs mass-produced, and so on. There are companies that specialize just a few types of effect, and others that offer every possible effect. The only musical instrument products that outnumber guitar effects are possibly guitars themselves.

However, few are the companies that offer a complete series of affordable pedals, custom-designed by a renowned and reputable boutique pedal designer/builder, who has a distinct vision.
​One Control and Björn Juhl have collaborated to create pedals that seamlessly compliment each other, but can still be used individually.

Who is BJF?

BJF is Björn Juhl, the mastermind behind BJFE Guitar Effects, and whose designs have also been released via other respected boutique manufacturers. Björn is a legend in the pedal design world, and is known for casting aside popular concepts and principals in his effect designs. Analog or digital, true bypass or buffered... Björn does whatever it takes to dial in the sound he envisions. It has been said that musicians paint their sounds on silence. With that in mind, please have a look at the ever-expanding line-up of Björn Juhl-designed pedals from One Control, and start thinking about your next canvas!

One Control

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