Dr.Beat 4GO shell set 4pc

559.00 €

Delivery time: 10-15 day(s)


Dr. Beat 4GO is the Club Set per excellence of the manufacturer Dr.Beat.

Innovation, elegance, sound, comfort ... what more could a drummer "on the road" want?

- 4GO is a new sensation in the drum market. Attractive looking, comfortable size and weight, with an impressive sound.
A perfect mix between modern and vintage styles. A great set for the drummer "on the road" but also perfect in the studio and in "intimate" live situations.
4GO features new shells in poplar and birch woods for a fullbodied low sound combined with soft highs and mids and with a pronounced volume. Fitted with Remo UT heads.

4GO is available in one configuration:

- 20x12BD, 12x8RT, 14x11FT, 14x5SD.

- Dark Bronze Sparkle or Strata White Pearl finish.

- Ultra light drums in birch and poplar layers.

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