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Green LP Standard, Green burst / Tesla VR-60

Product no.: GR-LP-GSB

498.00 €

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Green LP Standard Green burst with Tesla VR-60 Classic pickups.

Green LP Standard is really delicious with its beautiful hi gloss clear coat usually found on more expensive guitars. A thick body of mahogany creates the resonance needed to be able to deliver a good Les Paul sound, everything from clean tones to heavy distortion.

Green LP Standard has a rounded rear edge of the body - it feels very comfortable when strapping on the guitar. The neck has a D-profile and thinner than the normal profile on a Les Paul.

The string action is low. It is a real joy to play on this guitar, easy and effortless.
Available in versions with either Tesla VR-60 Classic humbuckers or on demand with Lundgren handmade pickups. The Lundgrens are in a class of their own! They have a clarity of tone that impresses, but also very powerful, meaty and dynamic.

We constantly get a lot of praise for our LP models from all who test them. Our appointed test panel consisting of a bunch of discerning guitarists rave about them. They emphasize the sound and playing comfort. We expected that they would compare with Epiphone and other somewhat cheaper brands - but the test panel mostly compare them with the original! It is very honorable for us and a little surprising that the Green Guitars are compared to a lot of expensive guitar brands.

Green LP Standard is available in Red, Brown Sunburst high gloss, Black Gloss or Chicago Blue.


  • Mahogany body with arched maple top,
  • Modern D-shaped neck of mahogany, the width of the nut 42 mm (1st fret thickness: 18 mm Width: 43 mm, 12 th fret thickness 20 mm, width: 52 mm).
  • Fretboard rosewood, 12 "radius. 24 3/4" scale with 22 frets,
  • Sealed tuners,
  • Standard bridge,
  • 2x Tesla VR-60 Classic humbuckers alternatively Lundgren handwound pickups
  • 3-way pickup selector,
  • 2x volume and 2x tone controls.
  • Hardware chrome.
  • Weight about 3,8-4.0 kg. Colour: Transparent greenburst