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Sonnemo Custom Vintage ST

2,790.00 €

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Sonnemo Guitars,

Handmade instruments with the tone and quality you've been searching for!

Sonnemo Guitars passions is “Relicing”, which simply put means to age or antiquate guitars and/or guitar parts, so that they will have the look and feel of a vintage instrument. Sonnemo Guitars tries to keep their relics as realistic as possible, so that the instrument will look and feel natural and “right” when you play them.

Sonnemo Guitars also makes what we call “Effect Relic”. This entails pushing the envelope, in order to make the relic as eye-catching as possible. This type of relic should be seen more as a work of art, as it is not about making the instrument look vintage correct.

Then comes the most important part! The guitar should feel and sound just right for you! You want your instrument to feel like an old friend. As Mattias has worked as a musician for a long time he knows first hand what it means to have a instrument you count on when out on tour far from home. And he has always put high demands on his instruments, which is a standard he has brought with him into his builds.

Sonnemo Guitars can give you the best of both worlds. You will get the look and feel of much played, much loved vintage instrument, but with the stability and precision derived from modern building techniques. In other words, you can buy a guitar that looks like a vintage instrument, but with modern specs should you choose, or you can buy a guitar with vintage-correct specs in every detail if you so desire.

Sonnemo Guitars also builds non-relic custom guitars if you so desire, relic or no, these are custom-built instruments at their best!

At Sonnemo Guitars we also manufacture hand-wound pickups to retain maximum control of the final sound of the guitar, which means you can get a truly unique signature tone here, that you can’t find anywhere else. SO if you want a truly custom built guitar, we are here for you!

Sonnemo Custom Vintage ST

Specific specs:

  • Model: Sonnemo Custom Vintage ST
  • Color: Custom green (sheerwood)
  • Lacquer: Cellulose Relic
  • Treatment: Medium
  • Body: Ash
  • Pickguard: Mintgreen
  • Pickups: SSS Sonnemo Blues puncher bridge, Sonnemo SRV neck and middle
  • Body Contours: Arm and bellycut
  • Electronics: 5way switch Neck
  • Wood: Roasted quatersawn maple
  • Headstock: Sonnemo ST standard
  • Fretboard Wood: Granadillo
  • Truss rod: Dual acting, Adjusting at headstock
  • Radius: Compound 10-14”
  • Frets: 22 Jescar Stainless steel Jumbofrets
  • Width at nut: 42mm
  • Neck Profile: Custom Medium C-profile
  • Dots: Real Cream Clay Dots
  • Tuners: Gotoh locking Tuners
  • Bridge/tremolo: Gotoh 6 screw tremolo

If You want to order a custom version of this guitarmodel the price will start from 3100€. Please ask for details!