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Taurus Stomp-Head 3.CL 60Watt

Product no.: SH3-CL

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The Stomp-Head 3.Classic is an extremely light and small but still powerful and great sounding guitar amplifier.

SH3.CL design is based on a MTD (Master Tube Design) technology. It is our own groundbreaking technology which permits us to create great sounding, powerful, fully analog amplifiers with extremely light weight and very compact dimensions. This technology uses all the significant features of tubes which determine the warm, classic sound of guitar amps. The sound characteristics and power of amplifiers based on our MTD technology are equal to the classic tube amps with the same power rating.

The guitarist has an access to two channels (CLEAN and LEAD) chosen by footswitch. CLEAN channel gives a choice of two different sounds:CLEAN or slightly distorted CRUNCH which can be smoothly adjusted by a GAIN potentiometer Two additional foot switches are assigned to control BOOST and MUTE functions.

SH-3.CL is equipped with power selector that allows to set 60Watt or 25Watt in STAGE MODE and 15Watt or 7Watt in STUDIO MODE. The amp is designed to work with 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets (Power Amp adjust itself automatically to speakers impedance)
The Stomp-Head can also be used as a guitar preamp, without connecting speaker cabinet.

LINE OUT with a speaker cabinet simulation allows the connection of the amplifier to a mixer or an external power amp.
LINE OUT signal simulates the sound of the 4x12 CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. Device is also equipped with a serial effect loop.


Power output:
60W or 25W / 4ohm, 8ohm,16ohm in STAGE MODE
15W or 7W / 4ohm, 8ohm,16ohm in STUDIO MODE
Power stage efficiency: 130Watt
Speakers impedance auto detection
Tubes: 12AX7
2 channels: CLEAN and LEAD
3 footswitches: CHANNEL [Clean/ Lead], BOOST, MUTE

CHANNELS controls: (CLEAN & LEAD): GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, MID-RANGE switch, TREBLE, PRESENCE, VOLUME and BOOST shared by both channels
Input GAIN boost (switch +6dB)
BOOST: immediate access to two different volume levels
LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation
The ability to send the linear signal with or without simulation or both at the same time
LINE OUTPUT with Speaker Simulation. Allows send linear signal with simulation (PIN) or without simulation (RING) or both simultaneously

INPUT for external channel selector/controller
AUX-INPUT allows connect an audio player or send monitor signal to the headphones.
The AUX signal is send only to the headphones, bypassing the speakers.
MIX-MODE both amps channels can be mixed and used simultaneously
Power Output selector STAGE / STUDIO
Dimensions: [H x W x Dl] 90 x 270 x 205 mm
Weight: 2.2kg