Manne Raven High Gloss - solid White, ex showroom.

Manne Raven High Gloss - solid White, ex showroom.

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Manne Raven High Gloss - solid White, ex showroom

This series of 100% handmade guitars is the result of the application of Manne's ideas into traditional and classic looking instruments.

The result is a quality update with brand new modern features and unmatched playability and performance. One of the feature that sports the Manne production is the neck/body jointer, a system that allow the neck to be installed very near the body edge without the need of a heel, giving a great access and a solid connection. We applied this system with the result of a unique upper frets access. Manne quality neck provide fast and precise playability, commonly considered one of the best necks on the markets.

Manne Raven high gloss, solid White

- 24 (6110 Dunlop) jumbo frets. 
- 647,7mm scale (25, 1/2"). 
- 400mm fretboard radius (15,75"). 
- Nut width: 43mm (1"11/16) 
- String spacing at bridge: W:10,8mm; F:10,6mm 
- Double way working truss-rod steel bar, allows favorite neck relief adjustment. 
- Hardened multi laminated neck, made up with 0,8mm. thick wood plies. 
- Asymmetrical (helicoidal) neck shape for comfortable playing . 
- Nickel plated Steel wound MANNE strings. 
- Tilted back headstock, one piece with the neck. 
- All wrenches and tools included with instruction notes on basic adjustment. 

- Body: Korina 
- Neck: Threaded, striped maple, several times 
- Fretboard: Resin F, very stable, gives a precise attack without dead notes.
- Pickups: 3 mini MANNE humbucker, all splittable 
- Bridge: Wilkinson vibrato 
- Tuners: Wilkinson 
- Hardware: chrome 
- Finish: White high gloss solid 
- Handmade in Italy

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