ManneDesign Malibu 5 Brown Sunburst

ManneDesign Malibu 5 Brown Sunburst

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ManneDesign Malibu 5 Brown Sunburst


ManneDesign Malibu 5 basses are built under our "harmonic globalization" concept, resulting in very high quality but affordable instruments.

The ManneDesign Malibu 5 is a five string bass with passive electronics. It's design is inspired by Andrea Ballarins Custom Shop bass instruments of the Italian factory Manne. The Malibu 5 combines modern technology with a traditional design. Sonically modern with a slight emphasis on the upper mids and presence, the ManneDesign Malibu 5 produces a grumpy basic sound with solid attack when playing with fingers. Slap 'n Pop style can be played very well with the necessary aggressiveness. When playing with picks the sound wins again on it's brilliance. Three chrome knobs for the adjustments for volume and tone. With the passive tone control sound adjustments are remarkable.


Two potentiometers are used as individual volume controls for the pickups (Manne AlnicoV design quality). They have very good sound characteristics due to their positions on the body. With the volume pots these characteristics can be blended together according to Your own ideas of sound. The third pot function is a good overall tone control. It can be used to move the sound towards the "warm vintage sound." The quality of raw materials and processing of the bass is very good. The alder body is painted with utmost care and perfection. This also applies to hard paintable locations as the recesses of the pickups and the neck pocket. 

The clear lacquered maple neck fits snugly and without gaps in its pocket. It is connected with four Torx screws fixed to the body. It is noticeable that the front connecting screws do not directly connect into the neck. They engage in a metal plate that is screwed to the neck and extends deeper into the body than the neck itself. This system developed by Manne Guitars guarantees maximum strength. Moreover, in this way a very short portion of the neck is in the pocket of the body. Thus, the bass can be played comfortably and smoothly even at the highest frets.

Along with its generous cutaways playability in the high frets is far easier than with an "original" J-bass. The neck has a 34"scale with a rosewood fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets. The neck is rather thin and well suited for bass players with shorter fingers. The underside of the first fret measures 21.5 mm and at the end of the 12th Federal (octave) 24.5 mm in thickness. Both Manne style pickups work almost totally hum-free. 

The closed diecast tuners grip very well and ensure tuning precision. The covered access to the truss rod adjustment is on the headstock. The factory fitted D'Addario XL strings fits in a classic, four-screw bass bridge. The stringheight and intonation can be adjusted via riders. The right tool for all adjustments is included.

* Mahogany Body
* Bolt-on american maple neck
* Rosewood fretboard
* 24 frets
* AlnicoV quality Pickups
* Traditional Bridge
* Perlaroid pickguard
* Diecast tuners 

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