Green J-Bass 5-str

Green J-Bass 5-str

Tuotenro: GR-JB-5

Toimitus 1-4 pv

Toimituksen paino: 4,3 kg

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Green J-Bass 5-strings

One of the secrets to good guitars and basses are the necks. It is probably the most difficult piece to manufacture on a guitar/bass and also the most important. With our J-Bass, our experienced builders succeeded again. A slim and narrow neck, low string action without frets buzzing. The quality of the woodwork is impressive, as is the paint, a really high finish.

We have had a professional bass player testing our Green bass and he told us this bass was at a level that matches more expensive really well-known brands. You will for sure be happy with our J-Bass!

  • Alder body
  • D-neck in canadian hard maple.
  • Width at nut 37.8 mm.
  • Thickness at second fret 21 mm.
  • Fretboard rosewood.
  • 20 frets, 34" scale.
  • Tuners in vintage style,
  • 2 x JB Kent Armstrong pickups, 2 volume and 1 tone control.
  • Hardware in chrome.
  • Colour: 3-tone sunburst

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