Green LP Goldtop P90 - Master Relic

Green LP Goldtop P90 - Master Relic

Tuotenro: GR-LP-MR

Toimitusaika 5-10 pv.

Toimituksen paino: 4,2 kg

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Green LP Goldtop P90 - Master Relic by Sonnemo
We have developed the Green LP Gold Top P90 Relic with the goal that it should feel and look as if it was made in 1956. A guitar that has been sold many times but every owner has been relatively gentle with it - but many playing hours and the gigs has set their marks. Available in three different levels, extra light, light or medium relic. During the guitar's 60-year lifetime, it has also been a long time tucked away in a closet. It is therefore still very vital and powerful. Showing no signs of aging at all ..... Mattias on Sonnemo Guitars has with his fingertips got out just what we were looking for - a new LP Green Gold Top P90 that feels like it was from in 1956.


To get to the right punch in the tone, Green LP Gold Top P90 is built of mahogany, both body and neck. Rosewood is endangered so we have instead chosen a fretboard in rose maplewood that have similar properties to rosewood with a warm tone and a long, balanced sustain.

There are P90 pickups in the guitar, which in their nature are somewhere in between singelcoils and humbucker pickups. It is good rawness in the pu,s - it is a real
rockn'roll guitar, but You can really play the most different styles on it. Rich and warm pure tone. With distorted sounds it has a high string separation - so it will fill it's place on stage. Cuts through the sound if you want it to.

The neck has a D-profile. It is slightly flatter on top than a C-section. Both the neck width and thickness of the neck is quite narrow.
As usual, the guitar is better looking in real life than in the photos. It is not easy to obtain all the details Mattias Sonnemo got to - for example, how paint varies from quite dull to almost glossy. Depending on the different wear when playing. More matte where the picking arm and hand has created friction. Sonnemo has been extremely sensitive when he created the fine aging of this guitar.


  • Body and neck of mahogany.
  • Neck Profile: D-shape. Scale Length: 24 625 "(625 475 mm)
  • Radius fretboard 12 "(304.8 mm)
  • Number of frets: 22 pcs Medium Jumbo
  • Width of nut: 43 mm. First fret, width 44 mm, thickness 19 mm, 12 th fret width 52 mm, thickness 22 mm
  • Pickups: 2 x Green Standard P90
  • Controls: 2 volume and 2 tone.
  • Bridge: Green Standard
  • Tuners: capsuled. Strings: 010 .046
  • Weight: 4,2-4,4 kg Colour: Gold Metallic, Hardware: Chrome

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