Green LP Evolution

Green LP Evolution

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Green LP Evolution
The Green LP Evolution has a very light body at about 3.5 kg. The body has both arm- and bellycut, which gives a playing comfort that is significantly better compared to the original.
Arm cut makes the right arm angle comfortable in relation to the strings. And the arm will be more relaxed. Belly cut makes the guitar slightly tilted, which also increases playing comfort. The risk of cramps in hand and wrist is significantly reduced.

This guitar has a very nice finish. Deliciously finished with high gloss lacquer on a body of mahogany with flame maple top. The body is slightly thinner than a normal LP body.
The Green LP Evolution has a C-neck that is a bit thinner and narrower than the most common prfile for a Les Paul. However, it is a bit thicker than some of our own Green LP necks.

With its double humbuckers, it's capable of beautiful clean and pure sound to heavily distorted sounds. Our own Green pickups have a fairly straightforward frequency reproduction, ie evenly distributed over bass, mid and treble. With the Lundgren pickup option, the mid frequency register becomes more emphasized.
This is a Les Paul that really stands out in playing comfort. It's really fun and relaxing to play.
    Body: Mahogny & Flamed maple top,
    Neck: C-shape mahogany
    Width: Nut 42.5 mm, 1st fret: 43 mm, 12th fret: 53 mm
    Thickness: 1st fret 22 mm, 12th fret 23 mm,
    Fingerboard: Rose maplewood
    Radius: 12 "
    Scale: 24 3/4 "
    Frets: 22 st medium jumbo
    Pickups: Green standard pickups, alternatively Lundgren option
    Controls: 3-way pickup selector, 2 volume and 2 tone controls
    Hardware: Chrome
    Weight: about 3.5 kg
    Color: Dark Honey Burst
    Strings: 10-46

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