Green TL Jade Pearl - Special Edition, Lundgren Pickups

Green TL Jade Pearl - Special Edition, Lundgren Pickups

Tuotenro: GR-TL-JPS

Toimitus 1-4 pv

Toimituksen paino: 3,6 kg

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Green TL Jade Pearl - Special Edition


The Green TL Jade Green Pearl has got a really delicious color. Metallic paint that really shines and several coats of clear coat give a beautiful depth.

We chose alder instead of ash to the body - giving a slightly mellow tone - and ounce more bass. The neck is in maple - which is both an aesthetic choice, as a choice to make the sound we wanted for this guitar. Maple provides a more treble-rich sound than rosewood. Thus we get the balance against the alder body. The pickups are selected with care to create a true vintage sound, albeit with a slight modern touch. The bridge is classic with brass saddles that both looks great and gives a good tone. String height is comfortably low. It makes the guitar very comfortable and easy to play.

Mechanics, electronics and tuners are of high quality and is manufactured in South Korea. South Korea has very much taken over from Japan and has now a good name in the guitar industry.

We have equipped the Green TL with Swedish handwired Lundgren pickups. There is a 7.3 Lundgren Tele Vintage pickup in the bridge position and a tele P90 in the neck. These are pickups that deliver both bite and twang. Maybe less treble and a little more output than standard. The sound is clear with very articulate separation.


  •     Body of American alder
  •     D-neck in hard maple, width 42 mm at the nut, first fret thickness 19 mm, width of 42.5 mm, the 12th      fret, thickness 21 mm, width of 51.5 mm, 10 "radius, 25.5" scale, 22 medium jumbo frets,
  •     Lundgren pickups 7.3 Vintage bridge / Tele P90 neck
  •     Green Vintage Bridge
  •     1 volume and 1 tone control, 3-way pickup selector.
  •     Hardware in chrome. Weight about 3.9 kg.
  •     Color: Jade Pearl Metallic Gloss

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