RedPlate TweedyVerb+

RedPlate TweedyVerb+

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RedPlate TweedyVerb+, ask for price!

The TweedyVerb+ is the perfect grab-and-go amp – a very loud 40 watts (2 6L6) in a “Champ” sized package. Our smallest package but packs a punch.  This may be our smallest offering but still a flexible and pedal friendly amp with the ability to match up to all guitar types-the perfect “sleeper amp” for jam night. The two tube medium tank reverb goes from subtle to surf and all points in between.

This is the original RedPlate Amp!

Click here to view the manual.


  • 6-way Mid Q (mode) Switch - Blackface-type tones to warmer Brownface tones all the way to dirtier Tweed tones
  • Tone Stack Bypass – Turn the Tone knob all the way counter-clockwise and remove the whole tone stack from the circuit to get a “guitar-straight-to-volume-and-master” path that is clean and powerful
  • Presence Bypass – Dial in just the right amount of brightness or remove the presence control from circuit
  • Two tube medium tank reverb – Can be turned off to create more headroom by removing it from the circuit
  • Decay control for brighter or darker sounding reverb which can be bypassed
  • 2-Button Foot switch – The foot switch lets you choose a Tweed mode (takes you right to the tweed mode on the 6-way Mid Q) and Boost.  Foot switch uses a standard midi cable for easy replacement
  • Fixed bias switch on back
  • Hi / Lo Power switch (40 watts / 17 watts)

Combo comes standard with Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker.
Available as a 1×12 combo or head. 


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