Green 7-String

Green 7-String

Tuotenro: GR-7STR

Toimitusaika 5-10 pv.

Toimituksen paino: 3,9 kg

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Green 7-String

Green 7-string is really an awesome guitar. The body is made of mahogany to get the right "body" in the tone. The top made of Walnut sounds a bit like hard maple, but somewhat warmer. Walnut offers quick attack, a clear sound and a long sustain, but with reasonable weak overtones.

Green 7-String is very comfortable to play. With an arched top and a bevel on the back of the body like a strat it hangs nicely balanced in the strap and give the right angle for the picking hand. The body is relatively thin which makes the guitar relatively light. A comfortably designed thin D-neck enhances the playing comfort even further. The fretboard is in ebony which provides the tool for fast playing.

Sonically the Green 7-string has a wide soundrange. It produces the complete spectra from pure clear tones to heavily distorted sounds. The two open humbuckers have a good bite. The guitar is really good looking with its high-gloss lacquer. All hardware are in black chromium - very neat. In the appearance, playing comfort and sound, it feels like a much more expensive guitar. With the Green 7-String you will get a lot of guitar for the money.


  • Body made of mahogany with arched top in walnut,
  • D-neck in mahogany (width nut: 48.5 mm 1st fret thickness: 19 mm width: 50 mm, 12th fret thickness 22 mm, width: 61 mm),
  • Fretboard of ebony. 24 medium Jumbo frets, scale 25 "
  • Strings through the body,
  • Pickups: Green 7-string Humbuckers, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 3-way pickup selector, hardware in black chrome.                                                                                                                                             
  • Color: Natural

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