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Shadow Electronics was founded in 1971 in Erlangen, Germany by Joe Marinic who continues to own and operate the company today. The original concept was to make solid body guitars and pickups, but Joe ultimately decided to focus solely on pickups. 

In 2010, Shadow continued to expand on the individual string pickup concept when they released the NanoFlex6 hexaphonic guitar pickup. This pickup gives acoustic guitar players individual volume control over each guitar string using a specialized 6 sensor NanoFlex pickup.

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Shadow SH SONIC DP Doubleplay Acoustic

Produktnr: SHDP2
269,00 €
Preorder 2-6 veckor

Shadow SH 145 Acoustic Active Humbucker Pickup

Produktnr: SH145
153,00 €
Skickas om 1-3 dar

Shadow SH MS DP MicroSonic Doubleplay Acoustic

Produktnr: SHMSDP
169,00 €
Skickas om 1-3 dar

Ehrlund EAP acoustic pick-up system

Produktnr: 2751
496,00 €
Leveranstid 4-8 dagar

Gatt Audio drum microphone set

Produktnr: DKIT-7
175,00 €
Leveranstid 4-8 dagar

G4M 7 Piece Drum Mic Set with Carry Case

Produktnr: 48003
125,00 €
Skickas om 1-3 dar

Shadow PFA-W Wireless PanaFlex Acoustic Pickup & Preamp

Produktnr: SH-APNFX-WL
398,00 €
Skickas om 1-3 dar

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