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2018, the year of many interesting additions to our assortment!

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During 2018 we got some fantastic opportunities to add some interesting gear to our assortment, the most interesting products were.

The most important were:

- The iconic british HIWATT amplifiers known by the great rockbands from the 70's

- Canadian Dream Cymbals in top B20 quality to an affordable price

- Cicognani Enginerings updated pedals from the italian "Guru".

- Swedish handmade Sonnemo Guitars with fantastic stability, playability, looks and of course a great sound

- British engineered and designed CODE drumheds suitable for any dummers playing style

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NordSound and Botnia Musiikki deepen their cooperation.

Here are some highlights of the fun from last night when Botnia Music celebrated their grand opening for the new store at the Peace street 22 here in Vasa, Finland. It was an energetic evening but started really cool when Ben Granfelt did his acoustic set and told stories from his long career as a guitarist. Lots of fun but also lots of wisdom. I guess wisdom comes when you play thick strings ;) As citizens of Vasa and the surrounding area it is our responsibility to shop locally. When I grew up we had at least four music stores in town. Today we have one and it is a good one. We need it and it will remain as we continue to buy our stuff there. You also get good personal customer care and John J. Kulju is the most honest salesman I know. If you are a bass player he won't sell you a violin.

Jam at Doo Bop Club

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