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Our products are the result of Marco Brunetti's huge experience in sound research combined with his passion for tubes. He personally designs all our units, uniting guitarists needs with beautiful design and highest quality. Our products are easy to use, yet they are of the finest quality. All our units are hand-made using the best components which are, in most cases, custom-made for us. All the power and output-transformers are built to our specifications. The electrical and acoustic tests of our prototypes are made to compare our characteristics with the most famous brands in the world. We carefully select each tube and test it in our unit.

We assemble our products in our factory in Modena (Italy) and each phase of the process is hand-made: from the internal wiring, using OFC radox wire, to the assembling of the unit, until the final test-drive that we carefully carry out on all our products (burn-in, shock test, sound check). This procedure is very expensive, but it's our choice. We could get the assembling done abroad, where the costs are less, but only our way will satisfy us. Our units are the result of our pride and passion for our job, and our job is your investment. Our experience and continuous research to find the best sound quality and pure tube tone are the characteristics that make Brunetti products famous around the world.

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Brunetti Metropolitan 10W combo

Produktnr: BR-Met10
Skickas om 1-4 dar

Brunetti Singleman H, 50/15/2W head

Produktnr: BR-SMH
1 295,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 10 kg

Brunetti Pleximan 50W/5W head

Produktnr: BR-PL50
1 398,00
Skickas om 1-4 dar
Leveransvikt: 8,5 kg

Brunetti SingleMan 15W combo

Produktnr: SM-15C
1 368,00
Skickas om 1-4 dar
Leveransvikt: 20 kg

Brunetti SingleMan 35W combo

Produktnr: SM-35C
1 448,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 20 kg

Brunetti Singleman Combo 1x12" 50W

Produktnr: SM-50C
1 668,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 22 kg

Brunetti Maranello Black Top 5/25W combo

Produktnr: BR-MRBL
1 228,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 15 kg

Brunetti SinglemanH + 1x12" cabinet

Produktnr: BR-SMH-C
1 598,00
1 726,00 €
Produkten slutsåld men kan beställas. Ta kontakt!
Leveransvikt: 25 kg

Brunetti Mercury CustomWorks EL34 50W

Produktnr: BR-MRC50
2 790,00
Produkten slutsåld men kan beställas. Ta kontakt!
Leveransvikt: 17 kg

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