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Olsson amps

Olsson amps

Olsson amps

Olsson Amps is a company focusing on hand built, hand wired guitar tube amps with excellent sound and build quality.

The company was founded in 2011 by John Olsson and Rigmor Lidfeldt but the ideas of how to make great sounding amps took of much earlier. John Olsson, designer and master builder of the amps  has been working with music, guitar amps and electronic design since he was a teenager. In the 70ths John worked for Hagström Music in Stockholm as a sound and service engineer for many years. At this time his real interest for guitar amp and mixer console design took off. After leaving Hagström he spent a couple of years constructing custom mixing consoles for stage use. Later on he had a small business manufacturing tube amp kits beside his ordinary work. In the end  of 2011 he finally got the possibility to realize his vision - "Producing excellent hand build guitar tube amps for you who think that sound and building quality is as important as I do".

Welcome to Olsson Amps!

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Olsson Amps Stage 40 Nord 1x12

Produktnr: OL-S40N
2 595,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 29 kg

Olsson Club 15 combo

Produktnr: OL-CL15
1 998,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 14,5 kg

Olsson Blues Fifteen combo

Produktnr: OL-BL15
2 395,00
Skickas om 1-4 dar
Leveransvikt: 16 kg

Olsson Custom Reverb 36 WE 1x12" combo

Produktnr: OL-36WE
2 495,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 22 kg

Olsson Club 40 combo 112

Produktnr: OL-CL40
2 595,00
Skickas om 1-4 dar
Leveransvikt: 22,5 kg

Olsson Amps Studio 18

Produktnr: OL-ST18
1 490,00
Leveranstid 5-10 dagar
Leveransvikt: 8 kg


Produktnr: OL-BJF100
3 390,00
Produkten slutsåld men kan beställas. Ta kontakt!
Leveransvikt: 22 kg

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