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Taurus products are designed and hand crafted in our facility based out of Sopot, Poland.
For the past 30 years, it's been our philosophy to provide you with the best fully professional musical gear.
Adam Kozakiewicz, founder of Taurus Amplification, musician, sound and electronic engineer is spreading his passion and dedication to music and technology on all of us.

Our passion, supported by the newest technology, best electronic components, hand crafted manufacturing and quality control process guarantees superior quality and complete satisfaction.
The final shape and sound of Taurus products are predetermined by musician needs, not by the market's economical determinants.

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Taurus Stomp-Head 2.CL amplifier

Produktnr: SH2-CL
Skickas om 1-4 dar

Stomp-Head 3.CL 60Watt

Produktnr: SH3-CL
648,00 €
Skickas om 1-4 dar

Taurus Stomp-Head 5.CE amplifier

Produktnr: SH-5CL
1 195,00 €
Skickas om 1-4 dar

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