Manne Acustivibe Satin Special MasterGrade

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Manne Acustivibe Satin Special MasterGrade

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The main feature of this Manne Acustivibe hollowbody guitar is its closed semiacoustic construction with a bridge Piezo and a neck magnetic pickup that can be blended together, going from a warm Jazzy tone to a bright acoustic sound and with a very unique and original “in-between” blended tone.

We decided to caress the idea and develop more the “acoustic side” of the older Semiacustica for this AcustiVibe model.

We worked for many month until the request of a customer made us realize that it was the right time to start the project and catalyze our ideas, putting together all the features and construction’s details.
The Semiacustica already has a good acoustic piezo tone, limiting the sustain to avoid the similarity with a solid body and offering zero feedback as the body is closed and the top vibrations are captured by a special material under the bridge.

So these are the features we wished to keep and enhance within a new model that would be more “acoustic player friendly”.

So we used the headstock of an acoustic guitar like the Blackbird model, with a 3+3 tuner pattern, and we increased the string scale from 25.2” to 25.5”.

We kept the top vibration capture effect but made it more shiny and open.
We found a solution for the layout of the magnetic pickup: it is now placed inside of a wood rosette, in a circular “sound-hole-like” piece that is height adjustable.

The guitar control metal knurled knobs of volume, balance, tone are inserted nicely on the upper side of the body, as they protrude just enough to be operated.

The body is made of light weight Italian poplar with a large main chamber, and also secondary drilled chambers around the neck pocket and pickup position.

The size of the guitar was carefully studied to let it be just right, not too big and not too small, with a cut-away that leaves full access to last frets.

The bridge is a variation of the one we use on the Semiacustica, with intonation adjustments.

The neck is our standard center multi-laminate strip with maple sides but with a little bit more “acoustic feel” resulting from a thicker and slightly more V-shaped profile.
Dunlop 6105 frets are standards on this guitar to suit the standard acoustic fret shape.


  • Sycamore body chambered Mastergrade Italian Burl Poplar top
  • 24 (6110 Dunlop) jumbo frets.647,7mm scale (25,5″).
  • 400mm fretboard radius (15,75″).
  • Nut width: 43mm (1″11/16)
  • Magnetic and Piezo pickup , active circuit (just for piezo preamp) , passive volume and balance.
  • Thin “F resin” fretboard to give a precise attack without dead notes (infos at )
  • Double way working truss-rod steel bar, allows favorite neck relief adjustment.
  • Hardened multi laminated neck, made up with 0,8mm. thick wood plies.
  • Set-in  neck
  • Asymmetrical (helicoidal) neck shape for comfortable playing. The fretboard has a progressive thickness , so the profile of fretboard on the sides has a constant thickness.
  • hand rubbed satin finish on the neck and body.
  • Phosphor bronze wound Galli strings.
  • Tilted back headstock, one piece with the neck.
  • MANNE pickups (info at ).
  • Mixable Piezo and magnetic
  • Weight: 3 Kg


All Manne instruments come in a high quality heavily padded Manne branded soft case, Made in Italy, at no additional charge.

Available for custom order with other features or colours.

All Manne instruments bearing this label are hand crafted in the Italian custom shop in Schio. Each instrument built is carefully designed based on many years of experience and development of innovative proprietary techniques.

This is not a manufactured item. It is truly a hand made instrument.


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