Brunetti Mercury 2 Box

Brunetti Mercury 2 Box

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Brunetti Mercury 2 Box the “logical” Mercury Box evolution. With the typical design of the British Seventies/Eighties, the versatility of this pedals will definitely go beyond your expectation. The work field of the Gain is very broad, from a dean “light dirty” that can be used to provide greater consistency to the dean rhythmic parts, r1ght through to the extremely powerful “Brown drive’ without any indecision whatsoever.

The Boost function divides the pedal into two parts: the channel 1 (BLUE led) is the sound maker, very close to the Mercury Box single channel. The channel 2 (RED led) pushes Mid saturation by expanding the gain and literally “fluidifying” sound. The feeling playing the Mercury 2 is really close to a real tube amplifier. These qualities make Mercury 2 different, we are sure you will be impressed at first note!



  • True Bypass
  • Input Impedance: >= 500 KOhm
  • Output Impedance: 25 KOhm
  • Max out level: 600 mV
  • CH2 switching remote jack
  • WIMA MKP capacitors, made in Germany
  • Metal-film or carbon composition resistors depending on their function
  • SH multiwiper potentiometers, aluminium wiper
  • Sealed low power golden relay
  • Current drawn: max 30 mA
  • Weight: 250 g / 0,4 lbs
  • Size: 150 x 110 x 40 mm / 5,9 x 4,3 x 1,6 in


PRS Crunch
PRS Rock Blues
Stratocaster Mid Gain
Stratocaster Clean Rock
Stratocaster Southern
Telecaster Pushed


Mercury 2 Manual – ENG

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