Gurus Naked Mini Live 33-44W head

Gurus Naked Mini Live 33-44W head

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Gurus Naked Mini Live 33/44W, intelligent Tube Guitar Amp.

With Your Naked Mini Live You can choose if You want to use it with an ordinary effect pedals chain or expand the world of effects and modellings with the use of the iChannel option together with suitable software ( JamUp Pro XT ) and smart devices like Your iPhone, iPad or laptop.

Thanks to its easy 3 controls you can sculpt your tone to reach best performances in every situations, from your home to a big stage. You can obtain a clean sound with lot of headroom to use as a platform for your pedals rig, and/or choose to get it to compression of both stages, preamp or power section using its separate controls volume and master to obtain vintage or modern tones.

With the SexyTone™, you can manage the EQ curve of your amp simply with a single knob which works on 3 filters simultaneously, moving the entire tone-stack curve for best result and as a fine tuning of your final tone, matching the right cab etc..
It is equipped by a tube buffered Serial loop and has 3 out on 4,8 and 16Ohms.
Stunning tone with the highest transportability of its category.

Naked Mini Lives SEXY TONE;
It’s an innovative passive tone control that simultaneously manages three different filters: high, medium-high and low. Its features offer great advantages, especially when using the amplifier for clean sounds. Indeed, it is in this setting that it expresses the maximum detail, variation and efficiency.
Increasing the gain in the amp the Sexy Tone is more focused in the section of medium and high and was able to reduce their effectiveness.
As shown in the figure, the filters exclude themselves when entering the control range for the next filter, thereby concentrating the Tone Stack on the desired frequencies.
In this way it will be possible to obtain a very fine control of your gear, especially using stompboxes, where the intervention required to amplifier’s tone control is just a fine correction of the general sound.
A few of the reasons why we'd use this amp:

  • Single control, simple and effective.
  • High spatial and richness in sound details 
  • Improved reading and very easy to obtain optimal sound with pedals.

- 33/44W RMS pure class A Amplifier
- Single Channel or iChannel
- Single sexy Tone EQ Filter
- Serial Tube buffered Fx Loop
- Autobias for: 5881, EL34, 6L6, KT66, KT88
- 2x12AX7 2xEL34
- Only 26 x 19 cm.
- Only 7,8 kg



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