Lundgren Heaven 77® Set

Lundgren Heaven 77® Set

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1977. Sex Pistols and Van Halen recording their debut albums. Heaven 77® takes you back to the famous Brown sound of the late '70s and early '80s. Heaven77®- Eruptive, Vicious Heritage.

A bright, open, focused "stringy" sound with a beefed up P.A.F tone. The two coils in this humbucker read the string in a slight different way compared to each other. Just like good music this construction opens up a new dimension. The tone is clear, articulate and full of attack "even" if the amp is cranked up. Any amp will sound more edgy and hotter with these pickups.

Wound with Plain Enamel wire and powered by an Alnico 4 magnet for an articulate, airy, chiming sound with presence in the harmonics. DC resistance Bridge 8,77K Ohm. DC resistance Neck 7,77K Ohm. DC measurements are approximate and varies with temperature.


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