HIWATT LR112F Signature Series Little Rig 1 x 12” Cabinet

HIWATT LR112F Signature Series Little Rig 1 x 12” Cabinet

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HIWATT LR112 Signature Series Little Rig 1 x 12” Cabinet, English Fane Speakers

Welcome to the listing of this classic British brand of amplifiers. The long-awaited Signature Little Rig Series cabinets are back and are now available a-Gain! This compact cabinet was designed for those guitar players who want a big classic Hiwatt sound in a 1 x 12” format, which can be used in environments like rehearsals, small gigs and studio.

This LR112 cabinet incorporates a single high performance English Fane 12” speaker. The sturdy enclosure has an extraordinary 75W output. It suits the LRD, LRJ and LRP heads perfectly.


  • Internal Speakers: 1 x 12” Fane (made in England)
  • Impedance: 8/16 OM
  • Speaker Power: 75 Watts
  • Back Panel Features: INPUT, LINK
  • Dimensions (Unboxed) L x H x D: 54 x 56 x 29 cm
  • Weight (Unboxed): 20 kg
  • Options (Sold Separately): 2 x linked LR112’s can be used with any of the Signature Series Little Rig Heads @4OM. 



Kicking off in the late 1960s, under the guidance of Dave Reeves, Hiwatt gave Marshall a run for their money, contributing hugely to the sonic landscape that became known as The British Sound.

With artists such as The Who and Pink Floyd, the brand was at the forefront of guitar amplification for the remainder of the 1960s and much of the 1970s. Reeves’ untimely passing and licensing problems threw the trademark into a grey area for the next two decades.

In 2016 the trademark passed to the present owner, who strengthened the Hiwatt brand. A further generation of artists – U2, Nirvana, Oasis, Coldplay, The Killers, The Black Keys, Foals and Japandroids – have all embraced the unmistakable Hiwatt sound. 

The result is that unique Hiwatt sound, rich in third and fifth harmonics, as effective in the studio as it is on stage.
These amps sound like no other.
The sound of any Little Rig stack at full tilt is truly awesome.
The sheer power and responsiveness is guaranteed to blow you away.


Hiwatt is rooted in the British Sound that emerged in the mid 1960s.

It was The Who’s John Entwistle who first traded in his Marshall stacks in favour of Sound City at the beginning of 1967. Sound City, the precursor to Hiwatt, produced customized L100 amplifiers later that year for Pete Townshend.

At this time, Dave Reeves was providing Sound City with OEM amplifiers. The design layout and controls on the customized L100s were identical to the Hiwatt CP103 that was to come. These customized L100s were the first in a lineage of amplifiers that would quickly evolve into Hiwatt.

Around this time, Jimi Hendrix and his manager Chas Chandler approached Townshend, asking for his opinion on amplification. Townshend told them that he had stopped using Marshall, as he thought Sound City were better. The Jimi Hendrix Experience subsequently started using Sound City L100s, but set them up together with their Marshall stacks instead of replacing them.

In late 1968, The Who approached Dallas Arbiter, the makers of Sound City, asking if their equipment could be modified slightly.

This request was denied, but independent amp designer and manufacturer Dave Reeves agreed, and created customised L100 amplifiers under the name Hylight Electronics.

Hiwatt was born.

This model was named the Hiwatt DR103, which would be modified in 1970 into the CP103 ‘Super Who 100’ model, which Townshend used almost exclusively for over a decade. In 1973, the updated DR103W model was created. It has been the central piece of equipment around which Townshend’s various rigs were built for the next thirty years. The DR103-Hiwatt Custom 100 Head is still Hiwatt’s flagship amplifier to this day.

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