RedPlate Magica

RedPlate Magica

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Magica head in Levant Black Tolex
Magica, ask for price!

Cover both sides of the Atlantic with the Magica. 

Click here to view the manual.

Featuring a Blackface inspired clean channel, a British inspired lead channel with  two different levels of gain, an effects loop, and a 50 watt EL-34 output section. 

Clean Channel Features:
        • 3-way Mid Q (mode) Switch - (Norm, Fat and Less) is the key to vintage midrange frequencies in the clean tones. 
        • Pull Bright Switch – As the name implies, extends the upper frequencies.
        • Pull Middle knob – Notches out the “middle midrange” for emphasized Bass and Treble
Lead Channel Features:
        • Gain 1 – Lets you go from British clean to crunch (3 gain stages).
        • Gain 2 – Starts at crunch and continues to soaring sustain (4 gain stages).       
Other Features:
  •   Pedal Friendly input.
  •   Depth control sets the effective frequencies of the presence circuit for cabinet tuning.
  •   Presence – Works in conjunction with the depth, also clicks off to remove the presence circuit for absolute full range output
  •   Boost switch - Boosts clean and lead channels for more breakup and volume.
  •   Effects Loop – fully buffered all tube loop that works with both pedals and rack effects.
  •   3-Button Foot switch – The foot switch lets you choose clean channel or lead channel, Gain 1 or Gain2, and Boost.  
  •   50 Watt/18 Watt power switch
  Available as a Head or 1x12 Combo, with a blackface or tweed clean channel, and with or without reverb.

This video features the Magica with the blackface clean channel as described above.

Doug Bossi plays the Magica with a tweed clean channel. The tweed clean channel has controls for gain, volume, tone, a six position mode switch, and a three-way bright switch.

Guitar Player magazine featured a review of the RedPlate Magica!
PremierGuitar Magazine introduces the RedPlate Magica!

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