Ares Classic DC

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Ares Classic DC ( double cut ) is a series of handmade guitars from Vallvik in Sweden.

The Classics are similar in design to Strat and Tele-styled guitars but with a smaller body and they are all with 25" scale length.

Both bodies and necks are made in our facility in Vallvik. This new Classic series (since 2017) has a special neck joint, where the neck is forced into the body, direction bridge/tremolo, to enhance the overtone spectrum and sustain. These guitars sing nice and clear, build up a marvelous tone and sustain that make everyone happy.

Common Features:

- Ares Classics are equipped with Lundgren Pickups.

- One volume and one tone control connected with a 5-way switch.

- All connections inside are made with SilK cable, a so called "super cable" that has an incredibly low damp factor, giving the song of the guitar a deeper bottom and a brighter crispy top.

- As standard this guitar comes with chrome hardware, solid colors and a plain pickguard.

- At extra costs there are a lot of options, for example gold hardware, sunburst or transparent custom colors etc.

- Please send us a request and we will help with customizing Your dream guitar!

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