Ashdown AGM-30 Offset Guitar Head



NEW @ NAMM 2019!

Ashdown Guitar Magnifier 30w Offset Head.

Dual channel Pre amplifier with overall boost mode all footswitch selectable

  • 4 x JJ Electronics ECC83s preamplifier tubes
  • 3 or 4 switch selectable cascaded gain stages for classic 
  • clean tones through to full metal mayhem
  • Bass, middle, treble and presence controls
  • Twin master volume controls
  • Stealth switch reduces overall volume for studio use
  • Tone switch changes the EQ from classic British to classic 
  • American
  • Series valve driven and recovered effects loop
  • 30 Watts output from 4 x JJ Electronics EL84 valves
  • 8/16 Ohm speaker outputs for a variety of cabinet options
  • Plywood Tolex covered classically styled cabinet

With 4 x EL84 output valves is a truly timeless rock guitar amplifier head is Inspired by the best British valve amps of the 60s and 70s. With a clearly defined tone and headroom for a 30 watt amplifier .the amplifier is also capable of serious gain and distortion tones without going overboard. The chassis which houses all the components including the oversized transformers is housed in a plywood traditional style head cabinet.


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