ASHDOWN OR-110 1x10" bass cabinet

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The OR-110 is a front-ported lightweight 1 x 10 cab with a custom designed Ashdown speaker. The cab is constructed of premium grade far eastern ply. The cab is wadded to retain specific frequencies while the tuned reflex port allows for more air to be moved giving the cab a surprising volume. A perfect fit with the Ashdown Original 300 head or the cab can be run as an extension for the OR-C112 combo.

  • H: 360mm (14.1")
  • W: 390mm (15.3")
  • D: 360mm (14.1")
  • Weight: 10.7KG (23.5lbs)
  • Power: 150w
  • Impedance: 8Ohms

- Rated at 150 watts at 8 ohms the OR-110 is one of the most portable bass cabinets on the market. There is a top mounted grab handle positioned to offset the weight of the speaker magnet for ease of transport.

- A robust steel kick proof grille protects the speaker from any possible damage when on the move and tough carpet covering means this cab will continue to look great for years to come.

- Neutrik Combi sockets allow connection either via speakon cable or a standard 1/4" jack speaker cable.

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