Aural Dream Digital Delay

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Aural Dream Digital Delay Effects True Bypass Electric Guitar Pedal
Product Features:
Five knobs of Digital Delay:
Tweak/DuckingThe function in Ducking mode is Ducking function, and Tweak function in the remaining modes
Time: Delay time
Mix:Mixing ratio of original signal and delay effect
F.back: Feedback
Controling (8 algorithms): 
EchoTo simulate the delay effect of valley echo (Tweak: brightness control)
ModulateDelay effect with modulation 
 ( Tweak: modulation speed )
Reverse  Reverse delay  ( Tweak: reverse time )
Analog  Analog delay  ( Tweak: speed )
Tape  Tape delay  ( Tweak: pitch band dynamic )
Ducking  Compression delay  ( Ducking: compression dynamic )
Sweep  Sweep delay  ( Tweak: the speed of sweep )
Band  Frequency band delay  ( Tweak: the scope of frequency band )
Product Specifications:
Electronic parameters:
Working voltage: DC9V
Chip inner voltage:1.8V
Chip outter voltage:3.3V
DAC SNR: 100Db
Sampling frequency: 44100Hz
Battery: Sorry, the airline doesn't permit.
Case material: aluminum alloy
Packing size(mm): 160x93x70
Weight(g): 328
Tips: This degital delay tones have very distinctive characteristics. Meanwhile, we add another three special delay effects into it: DUCKING Delay, SWEEP Delay and BAND Delay.


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