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Black Sheep Time Maker Delay

Tuotenumero: BS-TM

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


In the 1920’s, people started experementing with delay effects by sending audio signals back and forth through telephone lines. Listening to the original sound source and the signal coming back over the telephone line simultaneously caused the first ever artificial delay effect.
In the late 1940’s, sound engineers started to use magnetic tape decks for delay and in the 1950’s the first portable tape delays where built. Ever since then, guitar players in all styles of music have recognized the delay effect as an absolute must have.

The Black Sheep Time Maker Delay pedal opens up a world of time-bending, delay-fuelled possibilities. The layout is delightfully simplistic and understated, yet the power within this unit is truly mind-blowing - and at this price every guitarist should have one in their rig. Whether you're seeking a little shimmer in your tone or a stark and bombastic long delay, everything you could desire is at your fingertips.


The Time Maker control layout is intuitive and easy to read. There are two true bypass footswitches: Left: Bypass/(Hold)Store, and Right: TAP/HOLD/MUTE. The left footswitch allows you to activate/deactivate the effect with a single press. By pressing twice in quick succession, the mode can be switched between Normal (Green LED) and Fixed (red LED). By pressing and holding the button, the effect's parameters can be stored for future use. The right footswitch gives you greater power. Each time you press and hold the button, different modes can be selected: Tap Tempo (Green LED); Hold (red LED); and Mute (yellow LED).

In Tap Tempo mode, pressing the button once initiates the timing counter, and another single press ends the time counter. This allows you to manually set the delay time to your exact requirement. In Hold mode, delay playback is recorded and looped until you deactivate it. In Mute mode, the recording is cleared and you can start afresh.

Effect parameter control knobs

There are 11 types of delay effects at your disposal, including: Pure (digital); Analog; Tape; Modulation; Lo-Fi; Reverse; Reverse Tape; Pitch; Tremolo; Tube; and Ping-Pong. The Type knob allows you to quickly select the effect you desire. The delay time can be adjusted using the Time knob, taking your tone from a rapid, shimmering effect to a swelling, enveloping wall of sound. Feedback controls how much of the effect is looped back into the original signal, whilst Mix controls the ratio of your dry signal (input) against the effect's tone. The FX knob acts in response to the selected effect, i.e. tone/speed/sample rate/overdrive/pitch, detailed below.

USB Connectivity

As well as having stereo inputs and outputs, the Time Maker is also equipped with a USB connection, which allows you to connect the pedal directly to your computer and record into your DAW of choice.

The Black Sheep Time Maker Guitar Effects Pedal enables you to shape and sculpt your tone's delay with incredible complexity, in a simple design that is very easy to use. The rugged housing makes it perfect for use on the road, but the richness of the delay tones on offer mean it is fantastic for recording with too.

Effect Type - FX knob function

Pure: Tone
Analog: Tone
Tape: Tone
Mod: Speed
Lo-Fi: Sample Rate
Reverse: Tone
Reverse Tape: Tone
Pitch: Pitch
Tremolo: Speed
Tube: Overdrive
Ping-Pong: Speed