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Cicognani Engineering 5018 50W stompbox amplifier

Tuotenumero: CE-5018STP

Toimitusaika: 6-8 päivä(ä)


5018 stompbox amp is our small but powerful 50W amplifier. Thanks to the precision of its controls is possible to obtain the best performances in all configurations that range from the home to the large stage.The effects loop is serial buffered with the possibility of using only the SEND (preamp out). In this way it is possible to play 5018 also in combination with another stack.

Performance:Cascode JFet preamplifier and driver.circuitTone stack (treble, middle, bass)High signal dynamics thru 50Wrms of maximum power (best performance to 4/8 Ohm)Class D final amp (BTL mode)Remote out for external standby switchingCompact size:Stompbox format for being comfortability placed in a pedalboard.

Better than ever:The signal path up to the power driver is totally analog; the final amplifier is in digital technology.Design:A respectful look at the design of the past, enriched with modern techniques.Custom color with “bright white” finishing painting.

Way of being:5018 is an amplifier that makes you smile. It's compact size and classic appearance would never make you think about playing with a real "dragon" amp. Powerful and with a typical tube sound, it does not really miss anything. It's well-tuned preamplifier with high impedance tone control offers a detailed and sincere response in combination with pedals and instruments. The maximum power is reached with a "spekers cab" with an impedance of 4 Ohms managing to develop 60Wrms with sound pressure from big stages


  • Power in: 12 to 24VDC (positive tip)
  • Consumption: Max 3A to 24VDC
  • Input impedance: < 1 M Ohm
  • Input level: Max 500mV
  • Send impdance: < 100 K Ohm
  • Send level: < 250mVpp
  • Return impedance: < 100 K Ohm
  • Return level: < 500mVpp
  • Bass frequency: 80 Hz
  • Middle frequency: 560 Hz
  • Treble frequency: 5500 Hz
  • Max s/n ratio: 55db
  • Max power out: 60Wrms to 4 Ohm
  • Impedance out: 4/8/16 Ohm (BST performance to 4/8 Ohm)
  • Weight: 0,3 Kg. (0,6 lib.)
  • Width: 94 mm. (3,7 in.)
  • Lenght: 120 mm. (4,7 in.)
  • Height: 45 mm. (1,770 in.)
  • External mute footswitch ON/OFF stable

5018 AMPLIFIER schematic