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Cicognani Imperium H50 head + matching Cicognani 4x12" cabinet

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Cicognani Imperium H50, 50W head + matching 4x12" cabinet

IMPERIUM combines the advantages of digital technology with the purest tradition of tube amplification for electric guitar. With easy to program settings, IMPERIUM allows 127 custom user sounds, which can be memorized and recalled through a midi pedal board. The digital encoding pots and push buttons of the user friendly control board light up automatically when you set your sounds. 6 pre-installed analog sounds are provided as a base to program your own user sounds.

• Clean 1: Pristine Clean: great for arpeggios

• Clean 2: funky rhythms, Nashville country sounds

• Sexy: slight distortion: pop, blues overdrive sounds

• Crunch: rock overdrive: dynamic rhythms, light distortion

• Lead 1: solo overdrive: high gain: rock, hard sounds[gallery]

• Lead 2: heavy rock overdrive: high sustain solo, shredding

The digital interface controls allow the combination of sounds, EQ (tone) settings, volume, effects and power output that can be easily stored as midi presets. The IMPERIUM amps are equipped with TRUE bypass effect loops to allow connection of external effect pedals, and are selectable from the front panel of the amp and can be directly assignable as a preset. The “pre-preamp” mode indicates the effect is inserted between the guitar and the preamp circuitry.

  • 50W Guitar Amp Head
  • Class AB tube amp guitar head,
  • MOSFET buffered
  • 4 x 12AX7 tubes
  • Power output: 50WRMS @ 8ohms
  • 6 custom analog sounds with 127 user selectable / programmable & storable presets accessible from the amps control panel or via a midi footswitch
  • 2 pre-preamp effect loops
  • 1 Post-preamp effect loop with series/parallel switch
  • Slave amp output jack
  • Two 9V DC power supply jacks: eliminates the need for wall wart power supplies or batteries to power your effect pedals

The included cabinet is the original Cicognani Imperivm series 4x12" model.