CostaLab ChorusLab

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CostaLab ChorusLab

The CostaLab ChorusLab is appreciated by guitarists and bassists for the depth and the warmth of its timbre, in addition to the great intelligibility that, typically in the circuits where the signal is forced into long and complex paths, is missing. Its sound takes inspiration from the typical sound of the American tradition that first used chorus effect to with fusion and jazz-rock.


Gradually over time, the chorus has become an indispensable tool for arpeggios and  strumming accompaniment. The ChorusLab resumes this tradition with a soft, deep, enveloping and well defined sound.

By using it with the guitar it allows to produce arpeggios characterized by a large field and heat, and used with an electric bass, is essential to add depth to the solo parts highlighting the virtuosity and the expressiveness of the musician.

The CostaLab ChorusLab is equipped with a mix control, as well as the classic Speed and Depth controls.


The three knobs allow you to find the best setting for each situation.

The CostaLab ChorusLab  is equipped with a mechanical "true bypass" switching system and with an anti-pop filter too.

The unit is powered by 9 DC volts and is connected by the classic DC 2.1 mm plug with negative pole-center. The current draw is less than 50 mA. The unit can also operate with a 9-volt battery. In this case the circuit is on by the input jack.


In order to save the battery life it is recommended to remove the input jack from the socket when you stop using it. You can still keep the battery inside the pedal even when it is powered through the DC socket, for the external power supply system is able to automatically rule out the battery.

The unit is 118x93,4x34mm not counting the knob and the jacks. 


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