Dream Tri-Hat Diversity Set 3 piece Hi-Hat Set with Clutch & Bag

Toimitusaika: 3-5 päivä(ä)


  • Versatile Mix & Match Cymbal Set
  • Energy, Bliss & Contact Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • Multiple Possibilities In Different Combinations
  • Includes Carry Bag & Spare Clutch
  • Full Spectrum Of Sounds Available​

The Dream Tri-Hat Diversity 3 piece Hi-Hat Set is made up of one Bliss top, one Contact top and one Energy bottom hi-hat cymbal. Each cymbal will bring different sounds and tones. Use each of the three cymbals by combining them differently to allow a new scale of sounds to shine through. This is great for someone looking to create a range of sounds, but not wanting to buy three separate pairs. This means you'll be well equipped for playing a range of styles as you'll always have the hat to suit. This set also features a bag and spare clutch.


1 x Contact Series Top Cymbal

1 x Bliss Series Top Cymbal

1 x Energy Series Bottom Cymbal

Contact Series Hi-HatThe Contact Series Hi-Hat is a tight, bright cymbal that delivers a clean chick and an easy cut. This hi-hat provides a stick sound that is present, projects through and is never thin sounding. When played open the slightly dark tone supports the groove with a wide sonic presence.Bliss Series Hi-HatThe Bliss Series Hi-Hat provides the perfect vintage sound with an impressive ease of playing. This hi-hat has a solid chick, expressive cuts and warm dry presence that delivers an incredible retro groove.Energy Series Hi-HatThe Energy Series Hi-Hat is a completely unlathed bottom hat. This provides exceptional clarity and articulation with a solid foundation, delivering a quick, immediate response whilst still remaining extremely musical.

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