Green B&B Comfort Cherry Red

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Green B&B Comfort Cherry Red

Green B & B is a full semi-acoustic guitar with all its virtues as a wonderfully warm and rich sound. What surprises us is that it works so well in so many different styles of music, pop, rock, hard rock, even if it is at its best in jazz and blues. It can really lift the sound of a band no matter what you play. It is fullbodied with a good pressure. It is only the extremes of hard rock and metal where it might fall short.

Green B & B is very comfortable to play on with its thin neck and low string action. The body is quite thin (about 5 cm), not as clumsy as some full-size jazz cans may have a tendency to be.
Body and neck in maple from the US creates both good looks and a great sound. Both the front and the back are arched, which makes it more durable and it improves the sound in the body.
This is a very exclusive guitar with double binding, flamed maple on both front and back, MOP inlays around the body and we have also chosen to have flamed maple on the headstock which is unusual.

The body has a center block fitted for minimum feedback problems and as an attachment for the pickups and bridge. Good quality in hardware and pickups. Honestly a real good guitar.


  • Arched body front and back of flamed maple, a solid block is the fastening of the pickups and bridge.
  • D-shaped maple neck, 10 "radius (tjockleck: 19 mm first fret, 22 mm 12th fret, width 42.3 mm at the saddle)
  • fretboard rose maplewood.
  • 24 3/4 scale,
  • 22 pcs vintage frets,
  • Closed tuners,
  • 2 humbucker Green Standard pickups alternatively Lundgren Heaven 57
  • 2 volume and 2 tone controls, 3-way pickup selector.
  • Hardware: gold chrome.
  • Weight: Approx 3.6 kg
  • Color: Cherry red

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