Green Explorer White Gloss

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Green Explorer White Gloss

With its cheeky appearance the Green Explorer will get a lot of attention. Green Explorer is available in two different colors, Arctic White or Tobaco Sunburst. Unlike a Les Paul the sound is a bit more well-defined, a little more trebly. It really cuts through the sound if you want to, much like an SG. The Explorers sound is easy to adjust with its two controls. Just a volume- and toneknob.

We have opted for the same slim, comfortable neck as in our other guitars in the Comfort Series. The neck profiles we use are really something that we received much appreciation for. Traditionally Les Paul, SG and Explorer have thick necks. But here you have an extremely easy to play guitar, with a quite thin neck and low string height.

High finish, good quality hardware and pickups. A good resonant body and an mahogany neck gives real good punch in the tone.
We have received much praise for this model.

Green Explorer available in Tobacco sunburst with flamed maple top and White Gloss. Lundgren pickups as option.


Body and neck in mahogany
Neck D profile, width at nut 42.5 mm.
Neck Thickness: 1st fret 20 mm, 12 th fret23 mm,
Fretboard in rosewood. 24 3/4 scale with 22 frets.
Green Standard bridge
Green Standard humbuckers,
2 x volume and 1 tone control.
Hardware in chrome.
Color: White Gloss
Weight: 3.6 kg

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