Green ST Blackie - Master Series



Green ST Blackie - Master Series

Green ST Blackie is a part of our Master Series. here we don't talk mass production. Green ST Blackie is manufactured in our Custom Shop, where it is built with passion by skilled and experienced guitar builders.
The wood is hand-picked and carefully selected for both appearance and tone. Handwired Swedish pickups that are among the best you can fit in a guitar. All components are higher quality than in our Comfort series. Appearance, playing comfort and the sound are something extraordinary.

Green ST Blackie has an alder body and maple neck. The woods are from North America. The neck has a C-profile and is relatively thin. We have chosen a semi-matte coat so the neck is fast and comfortable to play on.
We have not been lovers of black strats but when we got our first Green ST Blackie we had to admit - it's pretty damn good looking. The paint has a really nice finish. And when you take the guitar in Your hands it feels very comfortable and well balanced.

Green ST Blackie sounds really strat-like. Lundgren 50s Formvar pickups picks up the sound so just like it sounded when it was at its best, a warm nice strat sound. The 50's pickups were a little warmer in their sound than the 60th century models. Lundgren uses the same double coated copper wire that was used from 1954 to 1964. Real Vintage pickups in other words. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns to compensate for the less string motion. Just like Clapton's sound which has been the inspiration for this guitar.

Our guitar "judges" said it was very comfortable to play on. They like the neck profile, backside coat and above all, they thought that it was extremely easy to play. String height should be classified as "Super Low" on this guitar. And it sounded good directly when plugged in. Other reviews also gave the verdict that our ST Blackie was top class. And many of them have some fine strats to compare with.


  •     Body in American alder
  •     C-neck in hard canadian maple (width at nut 42.5 mm. First fret thickness: 20 mm, width: 43.5          mm 12th fret thickness: 22 mm, width: 52 mm)
  •     Fretboard of maple. 25.5 "scale, 22 pcs medium jumbo frets
  •     Tremolo bridge
  •     Handwired 3 x Lundgren 50s Formvar pickups
  •     1 volume and 2 tone controls, 5-way pickup selector
  •     Hardware chrome, strings 9-46
  •     Weight about 3.5 kg
  •     Color: black gloss
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