Green ST Relic - Master Series

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Green ST Relic - Master Series

Master relic by Sonnemo Guitars

Now we have made every effort possible to create a strat that looks, feels and sounds like a real 50's strat. Basically, it is made of classic wood, American alder for the body, Canadian maple for the neck and rosewood in the fretboard - all for making it sound like a classic strat. Built by our experienced guitar builders in our small Custom Shop in Seol South Korea. They really put down the soul and heart in building these guitars. It really feels when you're taking this guitar for the first ride.

We started with building a really nice strat in our Custom Shop. The idea from the beginning was to do a reliced ​​version to make it feel, sound and look like a really old guitar. The relicing work is made by Sonnemo Guitars.

After the modifications the result was truly impressive - Mattias Sonnemo really knows the details and knows how to convert a new guitar into an old one in a credible way. Body, neck, pickups, plastic parts and hardware - everything is aged - delicious! And it turned out to play like a dream!

The neck is a slender and thin C-neck. The action is pleasantly low. The guitar is lightweight, weighs about than 3 420 grams. You can endure long gigs with it. But it's not enough that we built a beautiful strata - the Sonnemo work just improve an already spectacular guitar, just check out the accuracy of his detail work.

The guitar really looks like it's been played in a thousands of gig for endless hours. It's like it has been about tough times and situations where the guitarist has fallen into a mindset where the expression through the guitar has made it possible to release unknown skills hidden in his musical brain.

What impresses us when picking up the guitar and playing on it is that what is visually so cool also enhances the playability. The guitar simply becomes more easy to play with through its relic. Above all, it is the back of the neck that increases the feeling. In addition, the relic works changes the tone of the guitar for the better. The tone has become more open.


  • Body of American Alder
  • C-neck of canadian hard maple. Width at saddle 42 mm. 1st band thickness: 21 mm, width: 43 mm 12th band thickness: 22 mm, width: 51.5 mm.
  • Fretboard in rosewood.
  • 25.5 "scale,
  • 22 st medium jumbo frets, radius 10"
  • Vintage Tremolo
  • 3 x Green Custom Pickups.
  • 1 volume and 2 tone controls, 5 way pickup selector,
  • Hardware in chrome
  • Strings 10-46
  • Weight 3 420 gr.
  • Color: 3-tone Sunburst


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