Green ST SRV Relic

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Green ST SRV Relic

Here we have made every effort to create a strat that looks, feels and sounds like one of blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan's iconic guitars.

Basically it is built of classic woods. American alder in the body and Canadian maple in the neck - the ingredients to make it sound like a classic strat.

The guitar is built by experienced guitar builders. They have put both soul and heart into their work. A high grade wood raw material result in a very resonant and lightweight instrument. The guitar weighs only about 3 kg.

The neck is a relatively narrow and thin C-neck. The string action is low but despite that there is no band rattle. Check out the accuracy of the detail work. Nothing is left by chance - everything is carefully worked out. Aging plastic, rusty screws and springs. Pickcups are like aged by time, yellowed, a little dirty with rounded edges. Sweet!

The guitar really looks like it has been played on for thousands of gigs and endless hours. It is heavy relic - ie large areas that are completely woody. It looks pretty naughty but it doesn't stay there. Both tone and playability comfort are improved.

There is a special feeling playing a hard worn guitar. Choose from our own Green Vintage pickups or Lundgren's hand-wound pickups. Our own pickups sound good but with Lundgrens the tone is more articulate. Lundgren has specially designed a set for us to get the right sound. In the bridge there is a Lundgren -62 Special. It has been given an extra metal base plate for more punch in the tone.

The other two pickups are Lundgren 50's Formvar. This is a guitar with typically 50s sounds - both in terms of pure sounds and distances.


  • Body: American Age
  • Neck: Canadian hard Maple Width / thickness:
  • Nut 41.5 mm. 1st: fret 20 mm / 42.5 mm 12: th 22 mm / 51.5 mm
  • Fretboard: Poplar Wood, Scale: 25.5 "
  • Frets: 21 medium jumbo
  • Radius: 10 " Tremolo Vintage bridge, reverse SRV 3 x Green Vintage Pickups or Lundgren Handwound Pickups
  • Controls: 1 volume 2 tone, 5 way pickup switch
  • Hardware: Gold Chrome
  • Strings: 10-46
  • Weight: approx 3 kg
  • Color: 3-tone Sunburst heavy relic

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