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Green V Comfort
You'd not imagine that this model saw the light for the first time in the 50's. Cool it was then and has stayed as cool ever since. Green V is, opposed to a Les Paul, a little more defined in the tone, a little more treblish. It really cuts through the sound if you wish, much like an SG.

We have chosen the same, relatively thin, beautiful neck as in on our other guitars in the Comfort Series. It is really something that we received much appreciation for. Traditionally, the V guitars often had thick necks. But here you have an easy to play guitar with a thinner neck and pleasantly low string height.

High finish, good quality hardware and pickups. A good resonant body and neck in mahogany creates body and mass in the tone.


- Body and neck in mahogany,
- Neck with D-profile, width of 42.5 mm at nut. Neck Thickness: 1st fret 20 mm, 12:th fret 23 mm,
- Fretboard rosewood.
- 24 3/4 scale with 22 frets.
- Sealed tuners, Standard bridge, strings thru body 2016
- Green Standard humbucker,
- 2 volume and 1 master tone control.
- Hardware in chrome.
- Color: Black

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