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HK Audio Lucas Nano 305 FX

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Lucas Nano 305 FX, Amp system 80 pers. Bluetooth

The LUCAS NANO 305 FX is the world's smallest and lightest professional stereo system. Particularly versatile, the NANO 305 FX features a 5-channel mixer, Bluetooth Audio Streaming and built-in reverb effects. This 10.3 kg system offers the best size to power ratio on the market: its powerful bass and Hi-Fi sound quality at high sound pressure make listeners think it's a much bigger system!

The LUCAS NANO 305 FX is particularly flexible and intuitive: connect an MP3 player via Bluetooth, a microphone, a guitar or a keyboard and you're done. This system is the ideal companion for many sound situations, whether for small acoustic concerts, various parties, karaoke parties, barbecues with friends, Zumba classes in a gym, background music or announcements at small events.

The LUCAS NANO 305 FX can be combined with the LUCAS NANO 302 to form an even more powerful dual stereo system. To do this, simply use the "Link" connector provided for this purpose to connect the two systems.


• Active, multifunctional PA system

• Integrated 5-channel mixer

• Bluetooth Audio Streaming

• 7 on-board reverb effects

• Two-band EQ for channels 1-3

• phantom power for channels 1-2

• Optimized for use as a 2.1 Stereo system

• Can be extended into a more powerful Twin Stereo System setup when used in conjunction with any other 300 series LUCAS NANO

• Functions as an elegant Mono PA

• Active 8” high-performance subwoofer

• 2 satellites with 3.5″ broadband woofers

• all speakers custom-made by Celestion

• 750-watt peak power (calc.)

• 120 dB max. SPL

• Low-ranging bass down to 44 Hz

• Weighs just 10.3 kg

• Satellite transport bay inside the subwoofer enclosure

• Simple handling; assembles in seconds

• High quality STEREO STAND ADD-ON from König & Meyer (available separately)

• Height-adjustable, signal-carrying S-CONNECT POLE LN (available separately), for cable-free setup as Mono or Twin Stereo System setup

• Designed and engineered in Germany

• Five-year warranty (after registration)