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HK Audio Lucas Nano 608i Bluetooth amplified system

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The new Lucas Nano 608i is an all-in-one solution that can be remotely controlled with an iPad and is Bluetooth compatible.

The Lucas Nano 608i can be controlled in two ways: directly on the system using the traditional buttons, or remotely using the dedicated iPad application, which opens up many additional perspectives and options.

The sound of the Nano 608i is easily adjustable with a parametric touch equalizer, available compressors or built-in reverb. All these changes can be made through a full mode, "Expert mode", or in a more intuitive version called "Easy" and then saved.

Weighing just 16.3 kg, the newcomer from the German firm has a discreet design and provides a balanced and full sound, ideal for a wide variety of applications. The extraordinary flexibility of the system is also due to its modularity, it is thus possible to use the Nano 608i in a mono configuration in column or classic stereo, the use of two systems for a larger gauge is entirely possible and planned.

Featuring advanced technologies such as a multicellular transformer and unprecedented resonance management, the 608i delivers amazing power despite its small dimensions. This small giant benefits from a great dynamics and diffuses a coherent sound with incredible basses for this template.

The Lucas Nano 608i is the ideal solution for solo or small group artists (who can use the iPad application to mix their sound directly from the stage), for electronic drum sound, for home music distribution, for DJs (who can even take advantage of the streaming capabilities of the device, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility).

* : Ipad not provided


• Frequency response +/3 dB : 43 Hz zz 20 kHz

• Total amplifier power: 460 W (300 W + 2 x 80 W) Class D

• Weight: 16.3 kg


• Speakers: 4.5" + 1"", coaxial

• HF horn: Multistage transformer HK Audio

• Frequency response +/3 dB : 190 Hz zz 20 kHz

• Maximum sound pressure level: 119 dB (satellite only), 124 dB (twin satellites)

• Max peak* sound pressure level: 124 dB (satellite only), 130 dB (twin satellites)

• Directivity (H x V): 90° x +10/-45° (satellite only), 90° x 30° (twin satellites)

• Mounting: 3/8"" insert compatible microphone stand

• Connector : Speakon

• Dimensions: W14.5 x H14.5 x D13.5 cm


• Speaker: 10"

• Frequency Response: 43 Hz - 190 Hz

• Max. sound pressure level: 120 dB

• Peak acoustic pressure* : 123 dB

• Dimensions: W35 x H49 x D47 cm

• @ 10% THD, ½ space