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LAA Custom, PhilX FJOD overdrive

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LAA Custom FJOD, an overdrive based on a Discrete IC with an "True Coil" output driver

The "FUCK JAZZ OVERDRIVE" is a premium overdrive designed with and for the mighty PhilX.
This is an amazing tone tool that give his best pushing hard a breakup head or combo.
The tone section is a mix of Active (Bottom) and Passive (TOP) filter able to set your perfect Tone on any amps. Class A buffer bypass ensures no signal loss.

Designed by Carlo Sorasio and the man himself, Phil X as the result of three intense years of designing and comparing with the most iconic overdrives, to develop a whole new sonical experience.
Plenty of Gain to get BIG crunch sound on any clean amp, with a new custom two EQ circuit to fine-tune the overall response (not mids or low end cutting overdrive) and featuring Shitty/Great Amps selector.

The FJOD uses the LAA-CUSTOM TrueCoil technology, a miniaturized output transformer and Class A driver to achieve the magical tone, feeling and colour of best studios and iconic studio mic preamps.
True Coil is a LAA-CUSTOM technology directly derived from pro audio gear like mic preamp using output transformer and class A driver circuit.

True Coil affect the tone giving more punch and a superior dynamic response plus a really musical texture on the mids.
Shitty/Good switch allow to bypass or not the output transformer, in Shitty mode the transformer is in and give some extra punch plus a different feeling.

The idea of True Coil:

"True Coil" is our technology designed by Carlo Sorasio for audio interfaces to bring all the flavor from the 60’s proaudio gear to guitar and bass pedals, and even tube amps to provide a more real and rich sound that is very easy and convenient to use. After many years experimenting to perfect our transformers, looking for the best response for our user, Carlo mastered the alchemy behind the magnificent vintage sound and found the right combination of materials, size and winding needed to achieve the right balance so our players can perceive better dynamics, more details and harmonic complexity from the first time they play one of our Series 81- one of the few pedals in the market that mount output transformers inside pedal effects.

The True Coil technology is the sum of two part, the Driver and the Output Transformer. The driver is used for give some gain and strength to the signal plus it has the arduous task of drive correctly the Output Transformer with the right linearity on high frequencies and the ability to drive an inductive load very well.To guarantee these results Carlo used class A topology circuit with power transistor on the output side.

The second element of True Coil is the Output Transformer itself, this is a very critical part that took us lot of time for expe-riment and design before achieve the right balance. The transformer should be small enough to fit inside a pedal, able to manage line level signal and with a very good frequencies response. We can wind it for match very well the audio flat response from 20Hz to 20kHz, or, as we did in the Series81 chose to wind them for give the right “color” to the audio signal.


  • Input impedance: 1.6 MOhm
  • Output impedance: 22 kOhm max
  • Maximum gain: 10dB @ 1kHz
  • Maximum output: 28dB @ 9VDC; 37dB @ 12VDC
  • Drive, Bottom, Top, Volume controls easily accessible
  • Shitty/Great Amps selector
  • Class A buffered bypass
  • True Coil custom Output transformer
  • Power supply: 9-12V DC external AC-DC adaptor
  • Current Drain: 55mA@9Vdc - 60mA@12Vdc
  • Dimensions (mm): 105x93x55
  • Weight (gr): 150