Mannedesign Falcon T 3 Tone Sunburst

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The Mannedesign Falcon T is an electric guitar with a retro look with an unusual pickup and retro sound. On the neck and in the middle of the body there is an Alnico V single coil, in the bridge position a P90 provides the tone. In terms of sound, the Falcon T moves between classic Strat® and wirey retro sound.

The neck pickup transmits a present, metallic tone without a too strong bass. For an authentic Strat® sound, the 5-way toggle switch should also activate the pickup in the middle position. The sound is immediately more harmonious with a frequency spectrum enriched by more low mids. In the bass range, the playback remains neutral and tidy. What is striking in this pickup combination is the pronounced twang and the "pearliness" of the guitar.

In interaction with the vibrato system, there are interesting tonal design options. In addition, the pronounced vibration behavior fits in positively. The guitar reacts very sensitively to dynamic playing, which has a pleasant effect on the sound when using the vibrato. The sound experiences even more warmth when the toggle switch is placed in the center position. Fewer presences with more low mids ensure a warm and harmonious clean sound. If the center pickup and the P90 are activated together in the bridge position, the sound is similar to that when the neck and center pickup are activated.

Depending on the position of the gain control, the P90 can be used to call up crunch and distorting sounds that range from blues to American punk to classic rock. This guitar was not designed for hard rock and harder styles like metal.

With the neck pickup, accentuated, "dirty" crunch and tug sounds can be found, as they are often used in indie and pop. The pickups react very sensitively to different ways of playing. The strings are held by closed male design mechanics and run over a standard Wilkinson Vibrato bridge. Then they are led through the body.

  • Body: mahogany
  • Top: flamed maple
  • Neck: Canadian Rock Maple, Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
  • 2x single coil, 1x P90 pickups
  • 22 frets
  • 5-way toggle switch
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