Mannedesign Raven Brown Sunburst, Rosewood



ManneDesign Raven is an electric guitar with a modern design and sound. 

The construction, choice of woods and the ManneDesign pickups give the guitar a high output. This makes the Raven a versatile instrument as it breaks up nicely after the crystal cleans and the heavy distorted sounds are really good and thick as well.

With its three ManneDesign Alnico 5 singlecoil pickups the ManneDesign Raven is based of the classics of guitar history. The design is modern, which is also reflected in a distinctive, modern sound.


Thanks to the massive alder body and the strings through body construction, the Raven has a long-lasting sustain. In combination with effect units like reverb or delay it is definetly an advantage to get progressive walls of sound. When playing cleans there is a singing, quite present sound - perfect for all modern music styles that are based on a clean sound.

When playing on the neck pickup, the sound is darker, with rich low-mids and a defined bass. Jazz and blues will be very convincing in this setting. Depending of the PU-switcing there are different sounds fron nice harmonic cleans up to more crunch-present sounds in a wide useful range. A total of five different positions are available by the toggle switch.


A useful blending of the pickups in 5 steps is available: Each pickup has its own sonic character. One thing the pickups have in common: a high output with remarkable low noise throughout the tonal and dynamic range. This makes them suitable for use also in harder musicstyles such as rock and even metal genres.

Despite the construction with only singlecoils it is possible to get massively distorted sounds. The distorted sounds are harmonious, thick and nuanced, usually only expected from humbucker pickups. Depending on the amplifier and its settings the Raven is capable of smacking riffs playing deep throaty shredding. The bass range is tight and powerful.


The playability and the finishing of the ManneDesign Raven is very good. The paint is applied cleanly even at critical points such as the neck pocket and pickup caves. Through the thoughtful neck construction and the larger cutaways the Raven can be played easily up to the highest frets. The neck is made of maple and has a rosewood (maple) fingerboard. The neck is bolted by four screws in the neck pocket. Access to the truss rod is covered and located on the headstock. The strings are tuned via closed, diecast manneDesign mechanics. Carrying the Raven in a strap is very balanced and without pronounced top-heaviness. Included with the guitar is a detachable tremolo arm, with the tremolo the sound can get a new dimension.

Available in colors: Vintage White, Black Gloss, Sunburst, Lake Placid Blue

ManneDesign Raven specs:

- American alder body
- Bolt-on neck, american maple
- Rosewood fingerboard ( maple in certain models )
- AlnicoV quality microphones
- Steel Bridge
- Perloid pickguard
- High quality diecast tuners

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