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Olsson The Wizard Overdrive

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The Wizard Overdrive is a versatile low to medium-high gain overdrive pedal with an exceptionally dynamic response.

It's very sensitive to your playing technique and the feeling is like a great tube amp. The Wizard also preserves the character of your instrument and adds a small amount of compression and increases the sustain depending on your settings.

The Wizard Overdrive has a very efficient Tone control and together with its High Cut and Low Cut controls you have full control over its tonal characteristics. No matter of your playing style you can find sounds that matches your needs in this very versatile overdrive pedal.Thanks to its design, with input and output buffers, it can be used anywhere in your pedal chain without affecting the tone and works equally well with any kind of guitar, amp or playing style.

Add a booster in front of it and it will generate even more distortion in the same way a good tube amp will.The Wizard Overdrive got two gain stages, with separate level controls for each, making it easy to get the exact type of overdrive you like.If you like to have more headroom, just increase the voltage from 9V to 12V or maximum 18V.All hand built in Sweden.THE CONTROLSYour The Wizard overdrive has six controls: Gain, Drive, Level, Low Cut, High Cut and Tone.

- The Gain knob adjust the input sensitivity of the pedal and controls the signal strenght to the input of the first gain stage.

. The Drive knob controls the amount of drive and distortion you like to have and is placed between the first and second gain stage.

- Use the Level knob to set the overall volume from the pedal.

- The Low Cut knob lets you adjust the pedals bottom end response. When using a lot of gain it’s most of the time necessary to increase (clockwise) the low cut to get a nice overdrive tone.

- The High Cut knob adjusts the high frequency response. This is useful specially when you have a very bright amp. Increase it and you get rid of harsh overtones. Note, that in amps with a controlled high frequency response it’s not always possible to hear so much difference when turning this knob all the way up (clockwise).

- The Tone knob lets you control the tone characteristics. In the middle position ( around 12 o’clock) it has a rather flat frequency response.


  • Input impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output impedance: 1kΩ
  • Power supply: 9-18V
  • Max current: 10mA
  • Battery type: 9V 6F22
  • Controls: Gain, Drive, Level, Tone, Low Cut and High Cut
  • External connectors: Input jack, Output jack and DC jack
  • Pedal size incl. knobs: (W x H x D) 103mm x 51mm x 122mm / 4.05” x 2.01” x 4.80”
  • Weight excl. battery and packaging: 350g / 12.35 lbs