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Outlaw Effects Lasso Looper, USB

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  • Looper Pedal with Generous 10 Minutes of Recording Time
  • USB Cable Included to Export/Import Audio Files
  • Simple to Use, One-Button Operation
  • Pedalboard-Friendly Micro-Size Chassis with Staggered Inputs
  • Premium Components & Durable Aluminium Case

​The Outlaw Effects Lasso Looper is packaged in a tiny chassis to make a minimal impact on your pedalboard and maximum impact on your playing experience. The Lasso Looper may be small, but it packs in a generous 10 minutes of recording time with unlimited overdubs. With a simple one-button operation, the Lasso Looper is easy to use and makes an ideal tool for practice, live performance, and song-writing. A USB cable is included and allows you to download the Outlaw Effects software to export/import audio files. Packed in an ultra-durable aluminium chassis and crafted with high-quality components, the Lasso Looper is built to withstand the rigours of gigging and touring. The Lasso Looper is a one-box solution to getting you started in creating loops and expanding your creativity.

Minimum Size, Maximum Functionality
The Outlaw Effects Lasso Looper Tuner Pedal is a simple to use looper device that provides a generous 10 minutes of audio recording with studio-quality 24-bit/44kHz fidelity. The Lasso Looper has just one button to allow you to record loops, play/stop the recording, and add an unlimited number of overdubs. This makes the Lasso the ideal tool for live performance - where you can mimic the on-stage songs of Ed Sheeran and others; practice sessions - where you can record your own chord progression to practice soloing techniques; teaching - where you can demonstrate ideas; and song-writing sessions.

A USB cable is included to allow a connection to Outlaw Effects' Lasso Looper Software, enabling the import and export of WAV audio files. This capability allows you to save your favourite loops for live performance, or for recording sessions.

Durable Construction
The Lasso Looper is made with an ultra-durable aluminium chassis and features high-quality components. This makes it ready to withstand the demands of a life with a musician, including the varied professional environments of gigging, recording, rehearsing and touring.

Pedalboard Friendly Dimensions
The Lasso Looper has a tiny 'micro-pedal' chassis that is designed to take up minimal space on your pedalboard. It also has staggered input and output sockets, so you can stack the pedals next to one-another without the jack cables impeding your tightly-packed pedal layout.

Outlaw Effects
Outlaw Effects aims to create effects pedals with a "big, bad, boutique tone" at an affordable price-point. The pedals feature true bypass switching to keep your tone transparent and they have micro-sized cases with staggered inputs/outputs, making them pedalboard-friendly for close positioning. Outlaw Effects uses ultra-durable aluminium chassis and high-quality components to create pedals that can withstand the rigours of gigging.


  • Easy to use looper with 10 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs
  • 24-bit/44kHz sound quality
  • Includes USB cable for exporting WAV files to a computer and importing files back onto the pedal
  • Micro-sized chassis with staggered inputs/outputs
  • True bypass
  • Ultra-durable aluminium case
  • High-quality components
  • Requires 9v DC power (not included)
  • Specifications
  • Type: Looper
  • Controls: Level
  • Chassis Material: Aluminium
  • Power: 9v DC 2.1mm barrel centre-negative (not included)
  • Bypass: True bypass
  • Connections: Input (1/4''), Output (1/4''), Power (2.1mm)