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RedPlate AstroDust Duo - 50/18w head (used - perfect condition)

Tuotenumero: RP-ADD-H

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Toimitusaika: 3-5 päivä(ä)


RedPlate AstroDust Duo in immaculate condition with new quality tubes fitted.

You can find a lot of everything here. "Three channels", which can be run all three in a series if necessary, power halving, buffered loop, boost function, humbucker/singlecoil switch etc etc...
A Dumble style amplifier with the HRM channel as well.

* 50 watts of 6L6 all tube hand wired power
* Fixed bias with external test point and adjustment
* Hi/Lo Power switch (50 watts / 18 watts)
* Tube buffered effects loop with active master volume
* All tube reverb circuit, reverb can be turned off
* 3 position bright switch
* Drive #2 has its own tone stack for more tonal variations
* Humbucker switch for setting low mid/bass gain in the input stage for different pickup types
* Pull pots on Drive and Level of Drive #1 allow for mid shift and high end smoothing
* Presence can be defeated
* 6 position mode switch for midrange character
* Smooth switch for two degrees of compression
* Tone knob can be turned off to defeat the tone stack for boost
* 4 button footswitch included for drive #1, drive #2, tweed and boost
… 768/astrodust_operations_manual.pdf
Manufacturers information:
Preamp - The AstroDust has a simple preamp (Volume and Tone) with a 6 position rotary switch that selects the mode (character) of its output. It has two variations of Fender “Blackface”, two variations of “Brownface” and two variations of “Tweed”. In addition there is a bright switch that offers two brightness levels. The combinations possible between the mode and brightness switches allows for almost any clean tone imaginable with almost any type of guitar. Also, because of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the controls, setting it for a player’s tone preference is easy and immediate. Unlike a traditional 3-knob preamp there is minimal loading on the signal path so harmonics and sustain are emphasized with the overall effect of sounding three dimensional. This preamp is a proprietary design that is only available from RedPlate.

Overdrive – There are two separate discrete overdrive sections:
1. Overdrive section 1 is called “Drive 1“ and is the RedPlate version of the traditional style overdrive that many call “Talent in a box”. It is capable of a very smooth and rich sustain that makes every note sound so good you may not feel the need to play the next one. The Gain, Drive and Level are fully adjustable so you can go anywhere between a slight bit of “hair” to full on super distortion.

2. Overdrive section 2 is called ”Drive 2“ and is a RedPlate design inspired by the more modern “Marshall-esque” style overdrive section. It has similar gain, drive and level controls to the Drive 1 section, but also has the addition of Treble, Middle and Bass controls along with “mid boost” and “raw” (stack lift) features. It is capable of the “scooped” heavy bottom sounds, yet retains a singing liquid quality in the notes and tone with a character that is especially sensitive to changes of a player's “touch”.

Having the two separate Overdrive sections is great because it allows a player to set up for two distinct solo tones, but some real magic occurs when you engage both sections at the same time. One favorite setting is to set the Drive 1 section for the most sustain / least distorted tone, and then set the Drive 2 section for extreme low bass and extra upper mids, then dial in a small amount of distortion so the guitar sounds like a bowed violin. It’s a tone that until now could not be done without using multiple amplifiers.

Effects Loop/Reverb - The AstroDustDuo has a built in serial buffered effects loop and spring reverb.
The interactions of the four gain sections (Preamp, Drive1, Drive 2 and FX Loop) lead to some fun experimentation possibilities with this amplifier – one example is to engage Drive 2 set up with little or no distortion and use its tone controls to further refine the overall clean tone of the amplifier.