SubZero Musician Ear Plugs, Pair

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  • Includes Compact Case and Connecting Cord
  • Reusable Rubber Ear Pieces
  • Up to 20dB Attenuation
  • Only Blocks Harmful Frequencies
  • Reduced Irritation For Longer Use​

Reduction of Harmful Frequencies

The gigging and rehearsing musician puts their ears through a lot of strain when performing. Higher pitched frequencies such as cymbals and brass instruments can do serious long lasting damage to hearing. The SubZero SZ-EP1 helps the performer by reducing those harmful frequencies to help in the prevention of hearing damage. Unlike standard ear plugs, these have been specially designed to allow for normal performance to continue by not creating a big change in the frequency response when in use. The earpieces include a removable plastic end that, when added, creates an attenuation of up to 20dB.

These ear pieces are really easy to use and look after. Simply inset them in to your ears and you're good to go! Unlike normal ear plugs, these can be reused again and again; just clean them with warm water and store them in the included carry case with key ring. Also included with the pack is a string with attachable ends for each ear piece so they can be hung around your neck when not in use.


  • Earpiece Material: Flexible Rubber
  • Hearing Attenuation: Up to 20dB
  • Reuseable: Yes
  • Included: Case and Storage String

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