Tinypedals Filter V+, envelope filter / auto-wah

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Envelope Filter / Auto-wah.

Filter V+ is a further development of Filter V. Now it is possible to set how fast the filter should open via Attack. And Decay which sets how fast or slow the filter should be closed. Very useful for finding your own "sweetspot". Filter V + is basically a replica of the Musitronics (TM) Micro V (TM) Envelope Filter from the early 70's. A touch-sensitive filter that opens and closes softly and nicely, completely analog electronics and signal path.

Adjustable between low pass (LP) and high pass filter (HP) Instant 70's, go with the flow, "can not stop playing pedal". Very easy to set and is a very inspiring pedal. Works just as well for guitar as bass and also keyboard.

Changes from the Original:
Smaller footprint, a pedalboard friendly format. Adjustable Attack & Decay

Powered by standard 9 volt boss-type adapter.

Hand built in Sweden

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