SubZero Polaris Micro Multi Power Supply, 8 Outputs

SubZero Polaris Micro Multi Power Supply, 8 Outputs

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  • Powers Eight Power Supplies at Once
  • Individual Output Surge Protection
  • 7 x 9v and 1 x 18v Outputs
  • Negative Centre Polarity Outputs
  • Includes Connecting Cables, PSU and Hook and Loop Tape


The SubZero Polaris multi power supply micro pedal is the perfect way to get power to your pedals in a convenient way without the need for extension leads. Featuring seven 9v outputs and one 18v output, this pedal caters for a wide range of pedals, including the range of SubZero micro pedals. Indicating lights show exactly which input and output is being used and the sleek metal casing is both hard wearing and stylish. Using the included connecting cables and 12v mains PSU, connect them up and away you go!

The Ins and Outs of The Polaris Pedal
This micro multi power supply features seven 9v (250mA) outputs and one 12v (150mA) output, all with negative centre polarity. This allows you to power a very wide range of pedals including the SubZero range of micro pedals. Indication lights illuminate once connection has been made between the power supply and the pedal, letting you know exactly what you're powering. Each output has an individual short circuit protection, so that if one connection trips, you will still be left with all your other pedals to work with.

Everything You Need
The SubZero Polaris Pedal includes all the accessories you need to begin powering your pedals. A mains PSU has been added to connect to the input of the pedal and eight power cables have been included to connect from the Polaris to all your other pedals. As well as this, lock and hook ties tape has been added to keep your cables tidy, which is especially useful when placed in a pedal board.


  • Input: 1 x 12V Mains Power
  • Output: 7 x 9v (250mA) + 1 x 18v (150mA)
  • Polarity: Negative Centre
  • Pedal Body: Metal Casing, Plastic Bottom
  • Surge Protections: Yes
  • Dimensions: 93.5 x 42 x 36mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • Included Accessories
  • 12v Mains Power Supply, EU
  • 4 x 460mm Connecting Cables
  • 4 x 610mm connecting Cables
  • Hook and Loop Tape
  • User Manual
  • Please Note: Pedals with + centre polarity require polarity reversing connecting cables (not included)

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